To Big Marijuana, a Kid is Just Another Customer.

Medical legalization is the surest way to achieve full legalization. Big Marijuana has used clever marketing, and their own studies, to justify its medicinal use.

The truth is: medical marijuana will make THC products more easily accessible to our state’s kids1, lead to more opioid-related deaths2, and give the marijuana industry even more influence than Big Tobacco.

Keep medical marijuana out of North Carolina.

Email Governor Cooper and your state legislators. Tell them to keep Big Marijuana out of North Carolina

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I want you to hear me say this as the nation’s doctor: There is no such thing as medical marijuana.

—Jerome Adams, Former US Surgeon General

The FDA has already approved medical marijuana medications you can get from your doctor.

This “Medical Marijuana” legislation in North Carolina is:

  • NOT FDA approved or regulated in any way
  • NOT prescribed
  • You do not get a prescription or learn how it interacts with other medications you are on
  • NOT recommended by any medical or health association in the country

Many licensed marijuana companies in medical states are also licensed to sell recreational marijuana in states where it is fully legal, giving these companies a hand in both markets.

…once there’s medical access, if we continue to do what we do… then we’ll get full legalization.

- Richard Cowan, Former Director of Pro-Legalization Advocacy Group NORML3

Puts THC products within reach of NC kids

Even worse, many often appear to be marketed directly toward our children

Bright, colorful packaging and cartoon-like images designed to look nearly identical to the candies our kids routinely see at the grocery store checkout.

Act now to ensure corporations don’t use medical marijuana to establish a foothold in our state.

Don’t let Big Marijuana turn our kids into customers.